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Pocket-Sized Data Logger Offers Numerous Sensor Options

Able to accept a wide variety of sensors and process signals, the XR440-M Pocket Logger is a 12-bit, four-channel data logger with over 25 available direct-connection sensors. Accessory sensors include: high-accuracy thermistor probes, pressure sensors (many types), a temperature/RH probe, a light sensor and split-core ac current sensors. Plug-in modules are available for thermocouples and process signals. All sensors can be mixed and matched in any combination with no external power or signal conditioning required.The logger stores up to 129,000 readings and can run continuously for over two years on a user-replaceable battery. Standard features include multiple recording modes, 200-year data retention and fast 19.2-kbps data transfer. With the unit comes Windows software used for setup, data transfer and graphing.


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