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PoE Server Suits Indoor/Outdoor Apps

A GPS-based NTP server with Power over Ethernet (PoE) for indoor and outdoor timing applications, the HEOL-T101 distributes GPS time (stratum one) over a network via the SNTP V4 protocol, broadcast/uni-cast with a better than 10-µs time stamp while synchronized to UTC. The server requires two connections for operation: one via RJ-45 for data and PoE and one for the GPS antenna. The T101 employs a -155-dBm/-185-dBw GPS receiver chip set with a self-survey mode that outputs GPS time even when only one satellite is visible. For example, 15 minutes after locking a position the module will enter self-survey mode to maintain accurate time stamping. In standard form, the module comes with an additional RS-232 serial port for configuration and RJ-45 and SMB connectors. Optionally, an automotive grade Fakra antenna connector is also available. A starter kit is available consisting of the T101 module, a 29-db GPS antenna, 5m connection cable, 30-db GPS antenna with mounting kit and 10m cable, and a power supply for use when PoE is not available. For more details, contact Jean Claude Le Guen at HEOL DESIGN, Paris, France. 33 (0) 2 96 48 46 05


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TAGS: Automotive
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