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Popular Design App Expands Device Models

he Ansoft Designer now includes free device models by way of a library based on Taiyo Yuden's high-density, miniaturized surface- mount components. Three passive components in the library include capacitors, ferrite beads, and multi-layer inductors. The capacitor library features components with high Q values over 1 GHz, and the inductor library addresses the HK series multi-layer chip inductors. Each component utilizes S-parameter data and can be represented by a frequency-dependent equivalent circuit for a 4x speedup in simulation time by toggling the com- ponent's model attributes. The library is available free of charge to Ansoft Designer users, downloadable from Taiyo Yuden's web site above. ANSOFT CORP., Pittsburgh, PA. (412) 261-3200.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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