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Popular Embedded Development Apps Merged

The XRAY Software Developer's Kit is the result of a melding of Mentor Graphics' XRAY Debugger and Microtec compilers into the company's code|lab EDE, an embedded development environment based on Visual Studio.NET. This merger of applications will allow developers to use standard embedded tools and debug technology within a familiar project environment. Pre-built groupings of source code and object files in code|lab EDE allow the Nucleus RTOS and any additional components to be compiled and linked with application code without the need for further configuration. The compilers and building tools are completely controlled by the user interface. In addition, XRAY is available for UNIX platforms and is said to provide a consistent interface when used with different processors, target connections, and host platforms. Price starts at $5,995 each. ACCELERATED TECHNOLOGY, Mobile, AL. (251) 661-5770.


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