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Portable DAQ Module Rides USB

Emerging as a low-cost, USB-based data-acquisition (DAQ) system, the portable Personal Daq/54 module provides 10 single-ended or five differential-voltage or five thermocouple-input channels. The module provides 500V of isolation between analog inputs, USB port, and the PC. If the USB port does not supply adequate power, possible with older USB ports, the module derives power from an external 9- to 30-Vdc source. The module features a 22-bit a/d converter and 20V maximum input range making it well-suited for in-vehicle measurement applications with 12-V power systems. Other features include 16 programmable voltage ranges, cold-junction compensation, and removable screw terminals. The module comes with the company's Personal DaqView data logging-application and supports Visual Basic and C/C++ for Windows, LabVIEW, and DASYLab. Price is $599. IOTECH INC., Cleveland, OH. (440) 439-4091.

Company: IOTECH INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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