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Portable Data Acquisition System Accepts Variety Of Input Types And Is A Fast Sampler

In addition to sampling at rates up to 100 KSPS and offering a 0.012% A/D resolution, Datashuttle Express (DS-EXP) portable data acquisition system also can accept a variety of input types, such as thermocouple, accelerometer, RTD, and strain gage, along with digital I/O, analog output and counter/timer. Multiple units can be interfaced together to a single PC for 240 analog inputs, 30 analog outputs, 30 counter/timers and 180 digital I/Os. Quicklog software is included to allow low-speed data acquisition, data logging, charting, and DDE capability. Optional Workbench software is available for more powerful data acquisition and control capabilities. An optional ACWDS Windows development software is also available.


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