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Portable USB Module Analyzes Sound And Vibration

The DT9837A USB module for sound and vibration analysis provides four independent, 24-bit integrated electronics piezo electric sensor inputs that synchronize with a tachometer input to deliver time-matched data streams. Portable in design, the module is suitable for both field or laboratory use. A read-back channel from the analog output guarantees correlation of all signals with the I/O streams and tachometer. Different tachometer modes allow measurements of rotation speed as well as tachometer pulse phase measurement with a resolution of 37 ns or 0.002° at a rotation speed of 10,000 rpm. Other features include four simultaneous 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs, programmable sampling rates from 195 Hz to 52.7 kHz, and a programmable analog threshold trigger from 0.2V to 9.8V. The module comes with a software applet that supports basic operation and more advanced capabilities when paired with Measure Foundry application-builder software. Shipping in April, single-unit price for the DT9837A is $1,795. DATA TRANSLATION INC., Marlboro, MA. (800) 525-8528.


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