Power-Efficient DSCs Aimed At Green Digital Power, Motor Control

Designed to address the increasing analog-to-digital transition in power conversion and advanced motor-control applications, Freescale’s MC56F827xx digital signal controller (DSC) family can operate at high efficiency levels without wasting energy through excessive power consumption. According to the company, the DSCs consume 48% less power than competing solutions. The devices achieve 100-MHz performance in packages as small as 5 by 5 mm, while comparable solutions typically operate at 50 MHz, and are prone to overheat due to the small packaging. When performance demands decrease, they can switch from 100-MHz high-performance mode to 50-MHz background mode. High-resolution pulse-width modulators (PWMs) offer precise, stable control across a range of loads and temperatures. The PWMs automatically synchronize complementary channels with no delay on independent timebases. Dual 12-bit analog-to-digital controllers (ADCs) sample up to 1.25 Msamples/s. Motor control is integrated with power factor correction to reduce chip count. A peripheral crossbar boosts signal integrity, adds hardware logic flexibility, and eliminates unnecessary core intervention.


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