PowerVR Graphics SDK Adds Multithreading, OpenGL ES Driver Timing Data

Version 3.2 of Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR Graphics software development kit (SDK) brings OpenGL ES 2.0 extensions that highlight advanced functionality for PowerVR Series5XT GPUs, and OpenGL ES 3.0 examples showing 3D textures and efficient, real-time reflections and refractions. The kit’s PVRTrace was updated to support multithread, multi-window playback and recording capabilities. It also implements a static call analysis feature that automatically identifies incorrect application programming interface (API) use and potential performance problems. PVRTune now includes enhanced profiling for PowerVR Series6 GPUs, OpenCL support, and API timing data. With PVRScope, applications can submit their own timing blocks. PVRVFrame offers extensive debug output when there are OpenGL ES errors. The PVRTexTool integrates a new PVRTC compression mode for high-speed, development-quality texture compression. Finally, on Android and Linux, device side tools were streamlined into a single, unified package called PVRHub. It helps simplify device configuration and presents an intuitive interface for launching the company’s profiling and debugging tools.


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