PowerVR IP Core Creates Smallest Android GPU Solution

PowerVR IP Core Creates Smallest Android GPU Solution

According to Imagination Technologies, its PowerVR graphics processor IP core delivers the smallest Android-compatible GPU solution at 0.55 mm2 (250 MHz in 28 nm). It features full OpenGL ES 2.0 capability, low power consumption, and the company’s PVRTC texture compression technology. The PowerVR Series5XE GX5300 core builds upon Series5 devices—it features PowerVR’s programmable shader-based, tile-based deferred rendering (TBDR) architecture that leads to enhanced efficiency and reduced power consumption per frame. PVRTC technology minimizes memory footprint and boosts image quality. Applications include entry-level smartphones, wearables, Internet of Things, and other small-footprint embedded solutions. The GX5300 GPU fully supports APIs such as OpenGL ES 2.0, PVRTC, and all major texture-compression formats.


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