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Pre-validated Software Stacks Ease USB Development

USBware embedded USB software stacks for Atmel's Smart ARM microcontrollers comprise a complete and AT91-ready software implementation of the USB protocol. Compliant with the USB specifications, Jungo's host and device stacks provide high quality, production-ready, and full-featured implementations of the USB standard protocols and device class drivers.

The software features an operating system-independent implementation of the USB protocol. The result is easier system development with any operating system, including common RTOSes, such as eCos/eCosPRO, µC\OS-II, OSE, ThreadX, Linux, Vxworks, WinCE, XPe, Integrity, pSOS, MQX, Nucleus, embOS, and proprietary 16/32-bit operating systems. The result of a partnership between Jungo and Atmel, USBware offers a pre-validated and complete USB software implementation, including low-level controller drivers for the AT91 host and device cores and standard class drivers, allowing developers to easily incorporate USB connectivity into their projects.


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Visit www.jungo.com/usbware_embedded_usb_solution.html.

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