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Processors Aid Development of Mobile Point-of-Sale Terminals

Processors Aid Development of Mobile Point-of-Sale Terminals

Kili Technology has released a new line of processors and supporting firmware to aid designers in quickly bringing to market certifiable mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminals that support all modes of payment. This includes magnetic stripe, EMV contact (used in smart cards), and EMV contactless (via Near Field Communications [NFC]). The K409B secure processor features a unique dual CPU architecture, an integrated NFC transceiver and controller, and an integrated secure capacitive touch controller—all designed to meet PCI PTS 4.0 standards. An on-chip capacitive analog front-end (AFE) and controller supports the use of capacitive touch pads or panels (such as tablets) to reduce design complexity and costs. Security features include sudden destruction interface, security mesh, secure e-fuse memory, and the FIPS-inspired dual processor architecture while allows develops to isolate encryption functions and keys on one 32-bit RISC CPU. Driving peripherals and running applications occur on a second CPU.

For lower cost mPOS terminals equipped with mechanical keypads, the K400B processor offers the same features as the K409B but without the integrated capacitive touch controller. A second configuration, the K400Q, is targeted at personal payment devices that don’t require PCI certification and applications for access control, the Internet of Things (IoT), and authentication.


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