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Electronic Design

Product Pair Tackles System Virtualization

Accenia's DoubleWide Design and Virtio's Virtual Platform bring a software implementation to developers when hardware is un-available due to a new system design or a limited supply of hardware.

DoubleWide Design software targets high-end environments consisting of a single system or a network of systems. The latest version, which is significantly faster, can handle devices such as servers and routers running real operating systems on virtual hardware. Its new user interface runs on a wide range of host operating systems. Annual subscription pricing starts at $15,000 per seat.

Virtio's entry attacks a single-chip or system design. It's a reconfigurable, functionally accurate simulator. Processor models work with compatible debuggers, like Metrowerks' CodeWarrior and ARM's RealView. The Linux operating system can host the latest version. Pricing for Virtio's Linux-hosted Virtual Platform starts at $3990.

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