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Protocol-Analyzer Tool Takes On Dual Role For USBs

Intended for troubleshooting USB devices, the USB Tracker 110 low-cost USB protocol analyzer can also optimize data flow and USB training. The unit's software is configured for rapid comprehension of USB protocol. Relevant information is instantly available, while rarely used fields are hidden by default. Users can opt to go into more detail within the protocol using various levels of abstraction, in a textual or numerical form. Transactions meeting certain criteria can be filtered or color-coded. This feature makes it easy to distinguish between traffic coming from two different USB peripherals to hide irrelevant transactions, or even to eliminate traffic from hubs. The tool offers an unlimited capture time using a high-speed USB 2.0 connection. Available now, USB Tracker 110 is priced at $799.

Saelig Company Inc.
www.saelig.com; (585) 425-3753

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