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PSoC Compiler Optimizes Code More Efficiently

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, San Jose, CA. – The PRO compiler employing the company's Omniscient Code Generation (OCG) technology has been developed for Cypress Semiconductor’s PSoC mixed-signal array devices and promises 41% better code density. The OCG technology creates call graphs and pointer reference graphs from each code module of the embedded program. It uses this information to optimize pointers, registers, stack utilization, and identifies variable or object declarations that are inconsistent between modules. It then eliminates redundant code. The PRO for PSoC compiler also defines a set of address spaces for each pointer variable that is the most efficient for the PSoC without any specific direction from the programmer. It exhibits intelligence about the complete set of used variables and pointers across all program modules and their frequency of use, and it also knows exactly how big the stack must be and where it will be located before the code is generated. PRO for PSoC is available now for $1,195 U.S. if purchased before June 30, after which it will be $1,495. Gilroy, CA. (800) 735-5715.


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