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PXI Sound/Vibration Modules Offer High Channel Count

For building complex, synchronized systems for high-channel-count sound/vibration applications, the PXI-4498 and PXI-4496 dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) modules offer 16 simultaneous, 24-bit analog inputs per module and IEPE constant current signal conditioning for measurements with microphones and accelerometers. The NI PXI-4498 features four analog input-voltage ranges, while the NI PXI-4496 has two analog input-voltage ranges. Employing the modules in an 18-slot PXI chassis can yield up to 272 synchronized channels in a single chassis and more than 13,000 synchronized channels in a distributed PXI system. The modules deliver a maximum sampling rate of 204.8 ksamples/s per channel and include TEDS smart-sensor support for error-free setup. DSA module prices start at $7,999. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (800) 258-7022.


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