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Q7GX Qseven 20 module
<p>Q7-GX Qseven 2.0 module</p>

Qseven, COM Express, Pico-ITX Modules Target Industrial Graphics

A series of embedded graphics solutions unveiled by SECO at Embedded World 2014 were designed with the industrial market in mind. First, the company developed a family of dual- and quad-core x86 CPUs based on the AMD G-Series system-on-a-chip (SoC) platform in Qseven 2.0 and Pico-ITX form factors. The Q7-GX Qseven 2.0 module integrates a low-power multi-core CPU and advanced GPU, along with an I/O controller. The SECOpITX-GX Pico-ITX single-board computer integrates a discrete-class GPU and I/O controller. It features a dual LAN (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth optional), and supports LVDS, HDMI, eDP, and VGA, as well as USB 3.0. Second, the flexible Q7-BT Qseven 2.0 module, based on the third-generation Intel Atom processors (Bay Trail), boosts compute, graphical, and media performance while operating in an extended range of thermal conditions. Third, the SECOMExp-HSW COM-Express Type 6 module, based on fourth-generation Intel Core processors, enhances visuals, graphics performance, and security without the need for a separate graphics card. Applications include medical, gaming, human machine interface, and digital signage.



Q7-BT Qseven 2.0 module

SECOMExp-HSW COM-Express module

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