Qt Platform Supports Embedded Software Design

Qt Platform Supports Embedded Software Design

To help Qt users get started on embedded software development, Digia created the Qt Enterprise Embedded platform. It provides a flexible, full-framework modular architecture to deliver scalability.
The small-footprint Qt Enterprise Embedded comprises two main parts: a development environment and a software stack called the Boot to Qt Software Stack. A single online installer installs and updates the self-contained development environment, which features a full Qt Creator IDE. Development is done with Qt Enterprise libraries.  Subsequently, with one click directly from Qt Creator to a target connected via USB or a network, a device can be deployed. Alternatively, the application can be deployed to an emulator on the host system that’s running the same software stack as the target device.
Graphics are enhanced with OpenGL ES 2.0 for embedded systems and mobile devices. Applications built with Qt also can use platform and device-specific APIs directly, giving the developer the freedom to integrate any required functionality.


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