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Quartz IMU Suits Embedded Applications

A new miniature MEMS Quarts Inertial Measurement Unit utilizes solid-sate quartz MEMS inertial rate sensors and silicon MEMS accelerometers. Model MMQ50 can be incorporated into either stabilization or guidance and control applications in missiles, aircraft and unmanned vehicles. Suited for embedded applications, its small size, lightweight design and 4W power consumption yields advantages for gimbaled or flight control applications requiring a small form factor. The IMU employs three of the company's GyroChip rate sensors, all with double-ended quartz tuning fork technology. Each rate gyro channel is mated with a military qualified and proven ASIC. Full 6-degree-of-freedom sensing capability is achieved with a volume less than 5 in3 and weight less than 5 oz. The IMU is powered by a ±8 Vdc supply. An internal microprocessor thermally compensates the inertial sensors to minimize thermal errors. The unit outputs a low voltage serial RS-644 digital signal data stream comprising angular velocities and linear accelerations about the three orthogonal axes. These are in delta velocity and delta theta format. For more details and pricing, call BEI SYSTRON DONNER INERTIAL DIV., Concord, CA. (925) 671-6400.


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