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Query Software Searches The Internet Like A Database

Query software launched by Caesius Software lets users engage in "reverse data mining." The WebQL (Web query language) Business Edition software allows companies to search the Internet like a database. Small to mid-sized businesses may employ the software for information tracking, competitive analysis, and market-research purposes.

The WebQL interface understands Web objects. With it, users can query any individual site or group of sites like an SQL database. It features a Query Wizard for creating template WebQL queries. Embedded access to online documentation and to the WebQL community for query exchange are provided as well. An embedded Web browser responds to queries, while an output tab tracks results in real time to ensure that the query is functioning properly. Utilizing the open-source database manager MySQL during run-time, the software ensures the query continues once power is restored in the event of power loss.

System requirements include 32 Mbytes of RAM and 10-Mbytes of hard drive space. The company recommends that operation be optimized with 64 Mbytes of RAM and a 6-Gbyte hard drive. WebQL operates with a Pentium processor or higher.

Compatibility with Windows 95/98, NT, ME, and 2000 is provided. Future versions of the software will accommodate Mandrake, SUSE, BSD, MacOS X, and MacOS 9. An Enterprise Edition is available for use within corporate environments.

Available now, the WebQL Business Edition costs $499.

Caesius, P.O. Box 94587, Seattle, WA 98124-9998; (800) 750-8830; Internet: www.webql.com.

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