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RapidIO Systems Go Multi-Chassis Route

For the purpose of doubling system performance, the ImpactRT 3200 and PowerStream 7000 serial RapidIO multi computers are now capable of being scaled into multi-chassis configurations. The computers employ high-bandwidth serial RapidIO over fiber connections to link multiple chassis into a single system with twice the performance. In a dual-chassis configuration, the ImpactRT 3200 scales to 144 PowerPC processors, while dual-chassis PowerStream 7000 systems scale to 240 processors. Each multiple-fiber serial RapidIO link operates at approximately 10 Gb/s, and connections between chassis generally use multiple links, with 16 or more inter-chassis links available in the PowerStream 7000 systems. Future versions are expected to extend beyond dual chassis systems. MERCURY COMPUTER SYSTEMS INC., Chelmsford, MA. (978) 256-1300.


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