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Real-Time Development Tools Find A New Home On Eclipse Platform

The RTI Developer Platform, a suite of development tools for distributed real-time applications, is now hosted on the Eclipse platform. Real-Time Integrations' RTI Developer Platform offers a complete tools solution for the development, debugging, analysis, and optimization of distributed applications. The integration with Eclipse means that teams can easily integrate custom development and debugging tools into their practices, or leverage one or more of the many third-party and open-source plug-ins available to enhance the development experience.

The Eclipse platform provides an infrastructure that gives software tools the ability to plug in and share common services. Fundamental services such as dynamic data-sharing between tools, source-code control, and editing make it possible to employ common activities across a range of tools. Eclipse also enables development teams to customize the environment with tools and layouts that focus on specific types of projects. Thousands of plug-ins are available for teams to adopt and use depending on the unique requirements of their projects. Eclipse plug-ins share a common look and feel, providing the experience of an integrated environment that enhances the productivity of a development team.

RTI Developer Platform includes RTI Analyzer, which provides a dynamic, object-based view of an active RTI system from a node and data-topic perspective. Development teams can visualize system behavior and easily identify bugs and incorrect system configurations to improve quality and performance. In addition to viewing a system in real time, RTI Analyzer can save snapshots of a system's state and compare and visualize the differences between snapshots. This is very useful, particularly during development or regression testing.

RTI Developer Platform is available immediately for Windows, Linux, and Solaris hosts. Pricing starts at $11,995 for three developers and includes one year of maintenance and support. For more information, check out www.rti.com.

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