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Real-Time Library Speeds Connectivity Projects

The ARM RealView Real-Time Library contains the most critical components needed to rapidly create products that require real-time control, networking, USB, and CAN connectivity. The library supports all ARM7, ARM9, and ARM Cortext-M3 processor-based microcontrollers. It contains such items as a TCP-IP networking stack, flash file system, USB device drivers, and CAN device drivers optimized for the peripherals of the specific MCUs they support. Developers can quickly configure and deploy the components of the library using the Configuration Wizard in the RealView Micocontroller Development Kit. A large number of examples and sample projects are included, covering areas like real-time control, HTTP servers, SMTP e-mail clients, and USB devices.

The Real-Time Library features the high-performance RTX real-time kernel. It is included as a configurable object in the RealView Microcontroller Development Kit, and is provided in source form in the RealView Real-Time Library. This fully featured kernel enables developers to combine other components from the Real-Time Library so that they execute as separate communicating tasks in embedded applications. All components of the library are royalty-free under license from ARM.


The RealView Real-Time Library is available immediately.


The library is priced at $4195.


Visit www.keil.com/arm/rlarm/.

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