Redesigns, Enhancements Deepen SMX Kernel Functionality

Improvements made to Micro Digital’s smx multitasking kernel will add more functionality, simplify usage, shrink its size, and bolster safety. Event groups, semaphores, exchange messaging, and block pools all received redesigns. Specifically, exchange messaging was extended to support broadcasting and multicasting. For block pools, smx blocks were replaced with smxBase blocks. Slots were removed from event groups, while adding pre- and post-clear masks. Instead of a single smx counting semaphore used for different functions, there are now six types of semaphores, each with a distinct purpose. Priority or FIFP queues now take the place of multi-level queues (except rq), as appropriate, to simplify usage and ensure operations are done according to priority. Despite increased functionality, code size was reduced by 40%. For a more detailed look at all of the improvements, go to Free evaluation kits are available at



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