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Ref Design Demos NXP’s PCF2123

The NXP RTC Demo PCF2123, a reference design for a real-time clock (RTC) and LCD solution with an available I2C temperature sensor, features a stand-alone demonstration platform for the NXP SPI-based PCF2123. With a typical standby current of 100 nA at 2V, the PCF2123 is reportedly the lowest power RTC currently available. The reference design is powered by a single 3V coin cell battery and includes an eight-character alphanumeric LCD with a 128-segment I2C LCD driver, P89LPC932 8-KB flash MCU, an LM75B I2C temperature sensor, and two miniature push buttons for user control. An additional user interface is available via an expansion header and the flash MCU is user programmable via a 10-pin ICP header. The RTC-DEMO-PCF2123 is available from stock for $69. FUTURE DESIGNS INC., Huntsville, AL. (800) 278-0293.


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