Electronic Design

Reference Design Integrates YouTube, Picasa, And Internet Radio

The Rich Internet Appliance reference design brings together three of the Web’s most popular services: YouTube, Picasa, and Internet Radio. Announced at CES 2009, this ref is a single design suitable for use by OEMs. The design, which provides consumer-device users with rich and dynamic graphics, high quality audio, and a touchscreen interface, is the result of a collaboration between Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST) and Zylux Acoustic Corporation.

The heart of the system is FST's FancyPants software platform that provides the reference design’s graphical user interface. FancyPants' multimedia capabilities and trademarked “Ruthlessly Efficient” runtime enable OEMs to differentiate their products with enhanced multimedia, bring them to market faster, and reduce hardware requirements and development costs.

The hardware platform is based on an Atmel AP7000 processor running Linux.

A video of the Rich Internet Appliance reference design can be downloaded from www.fst.net/downloads/fp-radio-picasa-youtube-480x384-33MB.zip



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