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RF Design Implements Analog and Digital I/O

The EmbedRF Integrated RF design kit promises to economically and rapidly add low-power wireless capabilities to an analog or digital product without requiring any network license fees or complex RF skills. The design consists of the EmbedRF Baseband Processor, a Microchip PIC microcontroller preloaded with EmbedRF OS firmware, and Gerber files. The baseband processor with firmware handles the RF data transfer between two modules: base-slave or peer-to-peer. It has an intelligent search-and-link feature which enables a given EmbedRF module to initiate contact with only the EmbedRF chip in closest proximity. The design is configurable as a periodic transceiver for applications such as parameter or medical data logging or an on-demand transceiver for remote-control applications. With four analog inputs, it can directly interface with voltage-output sensors and transmit the information at distances up to 50 feet. Other features include an output power up to 5 dBm at frequencies from 400 MHz to 928 MHz and 24-bit security capabilities. Kit price is $299 with individual modules priced at $59 each. SAELIG CO., Pittsford, NY. (888) 772-3544.

Company: SAELIG CO.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Microchip
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