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RFIC Design Environment Adds Over 100 Enhancements

For RF integrated circuit designers, version 2008 of Analog Office adds over 100 enhancements to the user interface and design flow that promise to dramatically increase user flexibility and productivity. Features such as project, elements, layout tabs, and the status window are now dockable and floatable, providing a design environment that is fully configurable to suit personal preferences. Upgrades to the APLAC harmonic balance engine enable better convergence on non-linear circuits and those with thousands of transistors. Reportedly, nonlinear noise analysis is now up to 100 times faster and consumes 90% less memory. Improved extraction flow now allows simulation of interconnects using frequency-domain models in the company's ACETM technology in addition to more traditional RLCK extraction. Additionally, a streamlined DRC user interface provides the look and feel of DRC capability. Version 2008 of the Analog Office design environment is available now for users with active maintenance contracts via download on the company’s website. APPLIED WAVE RESEARCH INC., El Segundo, CA. (310) 726-3000.


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