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RFID Platform Eyes Life Science Industries

Designed for medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory markets, the Heliport RFID system consists of an advanced RFID reader and RFID chip that is customized for individual applications. It allows information to be wirelessly transferred from a tag to a reader. The system can be integrated into a variety of end-designs previously limited to manual barcode systems. The RFID chip can store volumes of data from 128 bytes to 4 KB that can be can be both read and written, ensuring accurate and real-time specimen tracking. The device employs a coil-on-chip RFID architecture that allows specimen tracking without line-of-sight requirements. Additionally, to ensure privacy, the system relies on proprietary standards and secure authentication. Demo kits are available at $1,500 each. MAXELL CORP. OF AMERICA, Fort Lawn, NJ. (800) 533-2836.


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