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RF/Microwave Design And Test Tools Upgraded

This upgrade to the MMICAD suite of design and test software for RF/microwave applications features a new version of the Linear Simulator and a set of 21 optimizers, enhanced tuning capabilities and expanded models. The MMICAD Synthesis filter design program now hosts 35 filter topologies in microstrip, lumped element and waveguide categories, while the MMICAD Waveform time domain, transient analysis simulator now hosts the Gummel-Poon BJT model. Time domain analysis complements frequency domain circuit simulators, allowing prediction of non-steady state responses of circuits and can be used to advantage in the design of high-speed optical communications modules, microwave packages and nonlinear transmission lines. Current users can download an evaluation copy of the MMICAD Version 3.0.8 linear simulator upgrade from the company's web site. Pricing starts at $590. For further information, contact OPTOTEK, Kanata, Ontario, Canada. (800) 361-2911.

Company: OPTOTEK

Product URL: Click here for more information

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