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Rhapsody Development Suite Adds Eclipse Plug-in

Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, CA. - To facilitate midstream adoption of model-driven development and accelerate the validation of real-time and embedded systems designs, recent enhancements to Rhapsody promise to decrease time-to-market through the support of MDD best practices that do not disrupt current project workflow. Rhapsody 7.2 adds an Eclipse Plug-in that allows embedded device and real-time system software developers to continue working on existing projects at the code level while gradually adopting MDD within a single familiar development environment. It allows working on the code or model within one complete development environment whereby the code and model remain in synch, making it is easier to navigate from one to the other. Developers can leverage debugging at the code or model level using the Eclipse debugger and Rhapsody’s animation with the ability to synchronize breakpoints between them. Rhapsody 7.2 is available now and the Eclipse Plug-in and graphical panels will be available in during the summer.


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