RTD Simulator Cards Added To Pickering Programmable Resistor Line

RTD Simulator Cards Added To Pickering Programmable Resistor Line

Pickering expanded its PCI precision programmable resistor family with two resistance-temperature-detector (RTD) simulator cards, each containing six high-stability, fine-setting-resolution resistance channels. Targeted at emulation of PT100 and PT1000 resistive temperature sensors, the 50-262 PCI RTD simulator range features two resistance ranges: 90 to 250 Ω and 900 to 2500 Ω (the PT100 version provides 8-mΩ setting resolution). The programmable resistors can be programmed with resistance calls that set the module’s resistance within 0.1% accuracy. Each of the 50-265 PCI strain-gauge simulator cards’ six bridge channels simulates a strain-gauge bridge. Four models represent in the strain-gauge range: 350-Ω, 1-kΩ, 2-kΩ, and 3-kΩ bridges. Every model allows for fine adjustment of the bridge resistance, enabling emulation of high or low stresses using simple resistance calls. A stored value for each channel corresponds to the bridge being in balance. Bridges can be driven from either an internal voltage source or externally supplied voltage from a bridge measuring system.


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