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RTI Supports Real-Time Messaging Over Lossy Networks

Real-Time Innovations has added support for lossy networks to RTI Data Distribution Service 4.3. Lossy networks—those that have uncertain or sporadic connectivity—are common in applications like defense, unmanned vehicles, oil production, and other resource-management uses.

Most distributed networks today rely on messaging middleware that uses the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) for inter-application and inter-node communication. But TCP is not desirable for real-time applications where the underlying network is not reliable. RTI provides a built-in transport that is Internet Protocol (IP)-based and employs the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). RTI also provides a completely tunable reliability model to optimize transport usage over transient, high-delay, bandwidth-limited, and lossy networks.

RTI Data Distribution Service is a high-performance messaging and data-caching solution for the development and integration of applications that require low latency, high throughput, high scalability, deterministic responses, and minimal consumption of network, processor, and memory resources. It meets the requirements of mission-critical real-time systems, including the ability to run in dynamic and autonomous environments and over unreliable or low-bandwidth networks such as wireless and satellite links.

Real-Time Innovations

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