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RTOS Gains Support For ARM Development Kit

The embOS small-footprint RTOS from Segger Microcontroller Systems is now available with support for the ARM RealView Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK). The operating system accommodates all common architectures for various semiconductors and tool chains. It provides the benefits of a fully featured multitasking system with 100% identical API on all 8/16/32-bit CPUs. Its small memory footprint makes it suitable for single-chip applications. The RTOS provides a viewer that allows users to look into the system from the PC (including profiling) at no additional cost. The embOS RTOS is available in object and source code.

The RealView MDK, which features the ARM RealView compilation tools and the Keil µVision 3 integrated development environment, provides a complete development environment for users of standard MCU devices based on the ARM7, ARM9, and ARM Cortex-M3 families of processors. The RealView MDK helps shorten development times by reducing time spent configuring, testing, and debugging embedded applications. A full evaluation version is available at www.keil.com/demo/eval/arm.htm.


The embOS RTOS is available now.


The operating system comes as a single developer license with no project limitation and is royalty-free. It includes six months of technical support and free updates. Contact the company for further price information. Free evaluation versions are available at www.segger.com/downloads.html.


Visit www.segger.com.

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