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RTOS Handles Dual-Core Bound And Symmetrical Multiprocessing

QNX has added Freescale's 1.5-GHz dual e600 Power core MPC8641D support to its collection of Neutrino real-time operating-system (RTOS) platforms. The microkernel-based QNX Neutrino supports bound multiprocessing (BMP), where each core supports dedicated applications, or symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP), where applications run on the next available core. The RTOS can dynamically switch between BMP and SMP modes. The Eclipse-based QNX Momentics development suite supports Neutrino. It includes a multicore-aware debugger and a system profiler that analyzes quad-core systems (see the figure). This type of tool is key to efficient system analysis of BMP and SMP systems. QNX Neutrino supports transparent distributed multiprocessing in addition to TIPC for Linux Interoperability. The Freescale MPC8641D has dual PCI Express interfaces and a 4x Serial RapidIO interface.


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