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RTOS Supports MCU With Trio Of PCI Express Links

AMCC's PowerPC 440SPe can get a leg up on development when using Express Logic's Threadx real-time operating system (RTOS). The 166-MHz PowerPC 440SPe has three PCI Express links: one x8 upstream interface and two x4 downstream interfaces. It also has a PCI-X 2.0 interface. The internal 128-bit CoreConnect bus has a bandwidth of 10.4 Gbits/s that suits high-performance storage-area-network (SAN) controllers. The Threadx RTOS small memory footprint leaves plenty of headroom for applications on the 440SPe. Threadx also supports the NetX and FileX modules. NetX provides network stack support, and FileX provides disk file-management support. Also, Threadx can easily handle the applications that need Serial ATA support and deliver RAID support. It works with a range of third-party development tools and debuggers. Royalty-free licensing starts at $12,500.


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