Electronic Design

Rugged System Handles Up To Six Wireless Radio Feeds

The S705 Raider from General Micro Systems lets developers put a 2.16-GHz Core 2 Duo processor into rugged environments such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The compact 4.6- by 4.6- by 1.6-in. package weighs only 2 lb with a single hard drive (see the figure). The conduction-cooled system (–40°C to 85°C) typically draws under 15 W. The Raider can support up to six wireless radios on four to six antennae feeds such as wireless, CDMA, TDMA, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. The Gigabit Ethernet ports include TCP/IP offloading engine support. It also has high-performance video, two serial ports, four USB 2.0 ports, and thermal management for safe thermal operation. Pricing starts at $8300.

General Micro Systems


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