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Safety System Replaces Interlock Switches

Offered as a replacement for safety interlock switches used to safeguard potentially dangerous machines, the PICO-GUARD fiber optic safety system is a combination of non-contacting photoelectric and fiber optic technologies. It consists of a controller, an array of optical interlock switches, and plastic fiber-optic cable to monitor doors, gates, and hard guards. The controller portion provides four independent optical channels. Each channel can control multiple safety-lock switches in the same optical network. Additional interlock switches can be added to any channel by inserting them into the fiber-optic loop for that channel. The system’s receiver provides two solid-state outputs that control 24 Vdc loads. In addition, the system meets ISO 13849-1 Category 4 requirements. For more information and price, contact BANNER ENGINEERING CORP, Minneapolis, MN. (888) 373-6767.


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