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SAS Disk Controller Resides On Single PMC

Emerging as one of the first PMC-based, quad-port, serial attached storage (SAS) adapters for CompactPCI and VME platforms, the SC PMC/SA1 is essentially a single PMC providing four SAS SCSI and/or SATA ports. The card relies on an LSISAS1064 serial drive controller from LSI Logic and supports all SAS device protocols such as SSP, SMP, STP, SATA, and two-, three-, and four-lane configurations. Support is also available for integrated mirroring and striping RAID options. The card can address up to 122 devices when drive expanders are used. Additionally, its PMC PCI interface supports 32-/64-bit, 33-/66-MHz PCI busses and is compatible with 3.3V PCI signaling. Operating-system compatibility includes Linux and Windows 2000/Server 2003/XP. List price is $790 each. For further details, contact Jane Annear at CONCURRENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Ann Arbor, MI. (734) 971-6309.


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