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SBC Integrates GPGPU Technology

SBC Integrates GPGPU Technology

The IPN250 single-board computer (SBC) combines an Intel Core2 Duo processor with NVIDIA CUDA and OpenVPX technologies to deliver up to 390 GFLOPS per slot. Of note, it is the first rugged SBC to feature an integrated general-purpose computing on a graphics processing unit (GPGPU). The IPN250 feature set includes two primary data plane, 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports supporting multi-board switched fabric OpenVPX architectures, a 16-lane PCI Express gen2 interface on the P2 expansion plane, two 1000 Base-T and two 1000 Base-Bx control plane ports, and additional PCI Express, USB 2.0, SATA, COM ports, GPIO, audio, and TV input. In addition to NVIDIA’s CUDA environment, supported software includes Linux, Windows, Microsoft DirectX, OpenCL, OpenGL and MATLAB, and NVIDIA’s PureVideo Technology and PhysX. GE FANUC INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS, Charlottesville, VA. (434) 978-5000.


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