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SDIO Card Controller ASIC Supports 200-Mbit/s Transfers

Arasan Chip Systems has launched the newest generation of its secure digital I/O (SDIO) card controller ASIC. The AC2200i was designed using the company’s controller IP core technology, which has been licensed by over 50 companies worldwide. The new part adds features and improves performance while maintaining pin compatibility with the previous-generation AC21C00.

The AC2200i also has been upgraded to SDIO specification version 1.20, which supports 200-Mbit/s transfers at 50-MHz throughput in SD-4-bit mode. To utilize this increase in throughput and make the AC2200i suitable for a wider range of applications, the company added SPI mode, 8051 mode (8/16 bit), and APB mode.

Furthermore, the AC2200i improves on system compatibility and has been tested with a wide range of PDAs, smart phones, and multimedia devices. There’s no need for an EPROM when the AC2200i is used in UART mode. And if an external EPROM is attached, it can be programmed from the host platform, eliminating the need for EPROM programmers.

The SDIO in a Box hardware development kit is available to customers using the AC2200i in UART Mode. A new development kit, the SDIO in a Box DLX, is available to customers using SPI, 8051, or APB modes. The AC2200i is qualified as industrial grade. It’s also available in an RoHS-compliant package (AC2200ie). Both versions are available to ship immediately.

Arasan Chip Systems

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