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Seagate Delivers 2-Terabyte Hard Drive

The bar is now set at 2 Tbytes with Seagate’s latest “green” Barracuda LP (low power) drive (see the figure). The 3.5-in hard drive packs 2 Tbytes onto a single platter up from the 1.5 Tbytes of the previous model. It runs at 5900 rpm, up from 5400 rpm providing a small performance boost while being very quiet. The power requirements supposed to be 44% less than the typical desktop hard drive. The 2 Tbyte and 1.5 Tbyte units use 6.8W on average and using 5.5W in idle mode.

The units have a 3 Gbit/s SATA-II interface. The drives have a 32 Mbyte cache and an average latency of 5.5ms. The drive is also available in 1 and 1.5 Tbyte models. By the way, the “green” support means that it is made of 70% recyclable materials.


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