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Second Generation Members Arrive For Comm Module Family

Second-generation XE900M smart transceiver and XE924M base access point communication modules offer enhancements that expand user frequencies and allow for direct sensor connectivity. In terms of frequency expansion, up to 126 carrier frequencies in the 900 MHz ISM band have been added. Both modules support wireless data collection from up to 128 discrete nodes located within an indoor radius of 150'. The XE900M combines a microcontroller and 900 MHz transceiver in a dual-in-line package and communicates with another XE900M or with the XE924M to create a data collection network. Enhancements to the transceiver include a count-off function that allows the network hub to check the status of up to 128 network nodes. The XE924M employs the company's embedded modem technology and bundles a 900 MHz transceiver and a communication controller in a dual-in-line package. It is said to eliminate dial-up hardware redundancy. The modules are available from stock in sample quantities, with volume prices for XE900M and XE924M pegged at $39 and $59 each, respectively. XECOM INC., Milpitas, CA. 408-942-2200.

Company: XECOM INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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