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Secure Flash Memory Cards Support DRM And Encryption

Typical flash memories burden portable devices with content security management. Developed by SanDisk, the Trusted-Flash memory technology takes a new approach. The company's TrueFlash memory cards use it to incorporate digital rights management (DRM) and copy protection. This will make it easier for consumers to buy music, movies, and games and transfer these files between their portables.

Other flash memory cards contain memory and maybe a simple controller. With TrustedFlash, content providers can lock content on the TrueFlash cards by using a DRM protocol that's on the card itself. Consumers then have the freedom to play the card's content on a variety of supported devices.

The on-chip encryption engine comes from Discretix Technologies, which provides on-the-fly encryption protection without impacting performance. Also, SanDisk obtained the mVideoGuard mobile DRM for content protection from NDS Group plc. The cryptoengine, DRM technology, and SanDisk's 32-bit memory controller comprise a tamper-resistant-technology with full DRM capabilities that support symmetric and asymmetric algorithms as well as other industry security standards.

Additionally, consumers can purchase cards with prerecorded content through SanDisk's"gruvi" brand. The Rolling Stones' latest album, A Bigger Bang, will kick off the lineup on a SanDisk microSD (also known as Transflash) card in November. Priced at $39.95, the card will include all the necessary software to play the album in supported mobile phones and on laptop PCs.

SanDisk collaborated with many industry experts to enable the card's functionality, including Pocket Tunes, Yahoo! Music, NDS, and Click & Buy. It's also working with a number of leading handset manufacturers to enable their handsets to support TrustedFlashcards through a software upgrade.

TrustedFlash cards are now available in miniSD, microSD, and SD card formats with capacities of up to 2 Gbytes.

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