Electronic Design

Secure Software Platform Protects Networked Equipment

Based on the safety- and security-certified Integrity real-time operating system and its U.S.-developed IPv4/v6 networking stack, the Green Hills Platform for Secure Networking delivers industry advances in secure communications and access. These capabilities allow networking equipment developers to completely secure their devices and the information flowing through them.

The Integrity RTOS, with its separation kernel technology, is key to providing the secure execution of applications required on network devices today and in the future. Integrity provides network equipment developers the ability and freedom to architect their devices with absolute security. It supports the requirements and security policies of Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS), which is the architecture for composing secure computing systems from high-assurance components. The key concepts of MILS include: protected execution of applications, system services, and hardware control/access; brick wall partitioning; guaranteed resource allocation; information flow control between partitions, stack, and application isolation; and containment of errors and attacks. For further details, visit Green Hills Software web site at www.ghs.com.

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