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Security Software Adds Complete Set Of Asymmetric Functions

Elliptic has released version 2.0 of its Ellipsys security software, which includes Elliptic Curve Cryptography and RSA functions. Version 2.0 of the software upgrades the algorithms implemented to include a complete set of asymmetric functions, such as Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and RSA functions. For ECC, the ESS-02 Asymmetric Cryptography library includes several functions: EC-DSA generation and verification, EC Diffie-Hellman, EC IES encryption and decryption, and key generation. RSA functions include Public Key Cryptography, key generation, encryption and decryption, and signature generation and verification. The company also offers the ESS-01 Symmetric Cryptography library, which includes a variety of modes, ciphers, hashes, and message authentication algorithms.

The U.S. Government is implementing elliptic Curve Cryptography as part of the Suite B standard and the cryptographic modernization program sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA). ECC is also used in digital rights management and mobile handsets due to the high security it can offer at much smaller key sizes than the equivalent RSA algorithms. Customers can also leverage Elliptic’s team of software developers to augment internal teams and ensure that their security applications meet the applicable requirements and are delivered on time and on budget.

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