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Serial Device Servers Support Baud Rates Up To 921 Kb/s

Billed as a versatile yet budget-friendly unit, the SSE-410D serial device server supports a large number of serial device-to-network applications. It is switch-selectable for RS-232/422/485 and supports baud rates up to 230 Kb/s. The server comes with drivers for Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP and can be accessed via standard TCP/IP socket commands. Other features include an auto-sensing 10/100 Ethernet interface, UDP client/server modes, a heartbeat connection, Telnet support, and the ability to reject connections from all but a single IP address. Expanding the company's ThinQ server line is the SSE-200/300D, an RS-422/485-to-Ethernet single-port serial device server that supports baud rates up to 921 Kb/s. It can be configured for either RS-422 or RS-485 communication, in full- or half-duplex, two- or four-wire modes. The SSE-410D costs $189. QUATECH, Hudson, OH. (800) 553-1170.

Company: QUATECH

Product URL: Click here for more information

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