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Off-The-Shelf Chips Take The Semi-Custom Route

Selecting support chips is a bit easier with QuickLogic's ArcticLink. The chip is based on QuickLogic's FGPA technology, but it employs a number of fixed logic blocks such as the USB 2.0 On-The-Go (OTG) and storage interface block (see the figure). The other blocks can be customized to fit a particular application environment.

The processor block can be configured to handle host processors from Analog Devices, Marvell, Freescale, Renesas, Samsung, and Texas Instruments. The programmable fabric can handle a pair of peripheral interfaces including storage support such as an integrated development environment (IDE) in addition to a second storage block. The storage block can handle popular flash card formats such as SD, MMC, and Managed NAND. Another USB interface is also an option. The programmable block can handle peripherals as well.

Another set of custom interfaces includes UARTs, PCI, and Mini-PCI interfaces. General-purpose I/O ports are also supported. The custom area can support host accelerators such as encryption support and other security operations as well. Designers with EDA expertise can develop their own interfaces.

The chip targets portable devices where low power and high integration are advantages. Pricing is under $4.

QuickLogic • www.quicklogic.com

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