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Signal Conditioner Modules Add Options

More options have been added to the company's line of signal-conditioning modules through the release of the DBK55 8-channel frequency module, DBK65 8-channel transducer interface, and the DBK85 16-channel differential voltage input module. The DBK55 is suitable for taking rpm measurements in a range of applications. Up to 32 modules can be connected to one data acquisition system for a total of 256 channels. The DBK65 suits 4 mA-to-20 mA transducer outputs, 3-wire string pots, 4-wire bridge-based transducers, and 6-wire bridge-based transducers with internal shunt calibration. Each channel can be set up for a different excitation voltage of 5V, 10V, 15V, or 24V, and a custom voltage source between 5V and 20V can be set via a resistor. The DBK85 has a single, unity-gain input stage on all channels and provides full-scale input ranges from ±10V down to ±156 mV. Prices for the DBK55, DBK65, and DBK85 are $1,499, $999, and $ 899, respectively. IOTECH, INC., Cleveland, OH. (440) 439-4091.

Company: IOTECH, INC

Product URL: Click here for more information

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