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Simulation Tool Bundles Voice And Handwriting Recognition Technologies

Both voice and handwriting recognition technologies have been bundled in firm's Rapid PLUS simulation software to enable manufacturers to have, at no extra cost, voice and handwriting recognition simulation solutions for product development. The inclusion of the technologies in the software is a result of an agreement with Advanced Recognition Technologies (ART). The resulting software suite reportedly represents the first simulation package for embedded system products to encompass these capabilities. Manufacturers developing embedded system products with the software will be able to enlarge the range of products that can be simulated, increase the efficiency of these simulations, generate software code, and enhance the scope of product capabilities.Rapid PLUS is an integrated prototype development tool for embedded systems, supporting the complete life cycle of products from conception through development, promotion and support. The software features automatic code generation for the embedded system. With it, embedded software developers can create fully functional simulations of an embedded system, including all the design features and functionality of a physical prototype. The software semi-automatically generates user interface specs and acceptance test procedure documents, as well as coverage and verification tests for the application. It also automatically generates code to be ported to the microchip of the finished product. Applications include GSM terminals and cellular phones, medical equipment, consumer electronics, and automotive controls.The agreement between the two firms will enable them to enhance the effectiveness of their technologies. Customers wishing to use Emultek products may do so with or without ART technologies, and vice-versa. There is no charge for using ART technologies in the Rapid PLUS suite, except for customers using the voice and handwriting recognition for code generation.


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